• 1 Aug 2018: Rassendag doordragers aardbei
    Locatie: Proefcentrum Hoogstraten
  • 31 Aug 2018: Workshop opvang en hergebruik trayvelden aardbei
    Locatie: Proefcentrum Hoogstraten
  • 22 Sep 2018: Internationale Mechanisatie & Demonstratiedag Aardbei
    Locatie: Proefcentrum Hoogstraten
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From its founding in 1955 the Research Centre Hoogstraten has the task to stimulate the horticulture in the Noorderkempen and to assist the managers in all horticultural technical problems. A comprehensive research program provides a great advance in cultivation knowledge for the whole region. The advisory team distributes this information, assists the growers and organizes tours and company visits for growers. In addition, growers can rely on individual visits to their company.

It grew with the years into contractual advice. The cultivation technique refines, the sector is evolving rapidly and the financial risks increase. This makes the majority of growers currently rely on professional crop advisors.

Currently there are 4 advisors working in the guidance of about 220 companies across Flanders, Wallonia, the southern Netherlands and western Germany.

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