The crop advise provided by the Research Centre can be seen as a total package. The intensive collaboration with the research team ensures that relevant results can be quickly translated into practice. On the other side, the practice also provides innovative ideas for our strawberry research.

Initially, our mission is to optimize the cultivation technology at the strawberry growers, and thereby bringing both production and quality to a higher level. Secondly, our goal is to support the growers in their further development. A grower with a good business structure is better able to withstand all kinds of threats to the sector.


Biweekly visits

During the visits, all crops are inspected and advice is given on climate control, fertilization and water management, cultivation planning, chemical and biological crop protection, etc. A constant evaluation of the profitability and sustainability of the cultivation techniques used is discussed with the grower.


Weekly visits

If desired, we can also pay visits on a weekly basis. This allows us to monitor crops even better, making it possible to provide more specific advice. In addition to these basic options, it is always possible to discuss other options with the crop advisors.

Our tailor-made price for your company will be determined depending on the duration of the contract, the location, the specific company structure and the experience of the crop advisor.


V.l.n.r. Dirk Vinckx, Nick Druyts, Koen Lavrijsen, Dirk Vermeiren & Jolien Smessaert
Project management and profitability calculations

In the past, there have been all kinds of developments in cultivation technology, cultivation systems, varieties, etc. It is important when new investments are made, careful consideration is given to their impact on the company. As a grower, you are regularly faced with difficult choices where professional and practice-oriented advice can provide more clarity. We can make the appropriate profitability calculations for new projects, investments or business expansions. Well considered calculations can support the choice of a certain investment.

A number of action points in project management are:

• An exploratory conversation
• Set up possible cultivation plans
• Profitability calculations, turnover forecasts
• Inventory end preparation of specifications
• Comparison and evaluation of quotes
• Calculation of required rainwater collection and disinfection capacity

Extranet crop advisory

This unique extranet with numerous information on is only accessible to our customers. As a member of the Research Centre you will have access to one cultivation on this exclusive section (extranet) of our website.

The crop advisors keep their customers informed via extranet of their findings along the way in the biweekly strawberry update. Through our strawberry newsflashes we inform the growers about important observations and warnings of quickly emerging points of interest in strawberry cultivation.

The research team strawberry (or bell pepper and tomato) informs our customers on recent developments via the same extranet. Experimental designs and striking results regarding variety research, cultivation technology, fertilization, substrates and crop protection are published in a monthly newsletter.

Evening classes and guided tours

During the winter period, our customers can participate in evening classes or guided tours where we provide new information on the current bottlenecks of the sector.

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