In flower bud research, we dissect the buds and top flower of a strawberry plant. Under the microscope, it becomes clear how far flower development has progressed in the buds in the leaf axils. The growth points in the buds go through different flower stages in the autumn, from which one knows from which stage an axillary bud will develop generatively and thus can develop into a flower branch in the production year. 
The study is carried out on A+ plants, waiting-bed plants or tray plants. In addition, fresh plants in outdoor crops, plants foreseen for a day neutral cultivation and everbearers can be examined. The top flower examination looks only at the stage of the top flower, so you can know with certainty whether the plants are ready for the increased fertilisation. A second survey gives the full architecture of the plant. How many branches are potentially in the plants, where in the plants are these branches and is there a spread in the ejection of these branches?


For more info, please contact Peter Melis. The following sample sizes and prices are used:


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